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Have a product in mind to commercialize but don't know where to start?
Finish the 2D/3D CAD drawing but not sure what to do next?

Let HHY walk you through the entire process.

Bringing a new product to the market or iterating it, quality and time-to-market are critical. HHY, your design partner who is well integrated with a full service manufacturing system, knows how to minimize risk, especially when the design proves difficult to manufacture and there's a increase market demand and volume.

HHY's engineering teams have executed numerous projects for customers across a variety of industries on a global scale, including S&P500 Companies to new startups.

With design to manufacturability, assembling capabilities, and test principles. HHY can assist from early design stages of a product to assure seamless production.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to consult with HHY.

Let us know how can we help through contacting us and get a quote below. 




Some popular JDM/ODM Services that our partners love:

- Concept Development
- Mechanical Drawing Layout
- Documentation 
- Material Management & Sourcing
- Rapid Prototyping & Soft Tooling
- Initial Pilot Builds & DFM
- Smooth production and monitoring with In-house Tooling and Manufacturing
- Full Product Assembling to Retail-ready-packaging

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