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Quality Assurance

HHY Plasitc ensures our quality through a dedicated quality assurance group and accompanies the ISO 9001: 2015 system to meet customers' expectations and your standard.

Our QC Facilities include but not limited to:

  • MI meter (Melt Index for material checking)

  • Stress Viewer (To check inner stress of plastic parts)

  • Spectro-color Meter

  • Precise Scale

  • Height Gage

  • Pin Gage & Gage Block Set

  • 2.5D Measu. Microscope

  • R.C.A  Abrasion Wear Tester

  • Coating Thickness Meter

  • Gloss meter

  • Adhesion Tester

  • Push Pull Gage

  • Torque Screw Driver

  • IR Thermometer

Let us know if you need the full list of QC facilities or processes. Contact us and get a quote below. 

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