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At HHY, we understand that the manufacturing process doesn't end with the initial production phase. Our secondary operations services are designed to add value, enhance functionality, and ensure the highest quality of your products. By integrating these services into our manufacturing capabilities, we offer a seamless and efficient solution to meet the comprehensive needs of our clients. From precision machining to advanced finishing techniques, our secondary operations are tailored to elevate your products and prepare them for the market.


All in HHY
Your Most Trustworthy Turnkey Manufacturer 

Precision Machining

Tailored machining services to achieve intricate features, tighter tolerances, and complex geometries that primary processes cannot accomplish.
Surface Finishing

A wide array of finishing options, such as anodizing, plating, powder coating, painting, and polishing, to improve aesthetics, corrosion resistance, and surface properties of both plastic and metal parts.
Heat Treatment

Specifically for metal components, our heat treatment services enhance mechanical properties, including strength, hardness, and wear resistance.
Ultrasonic Welding

For plastic components, ultrasonic welding provides a strong, seamless bond without the need for adhesives or screws.

Laser Engraving and Marking

Versatile marking services for part identification, branding, or traceability, suitable for both plastic and metal components.
Assembly and Sub-Assembly

Comprehensive assembly services for both plastic and metal parts, ranging from simple component assembly to complex electromechanical systems integration.
Testing and Inspection

Specialized testing and rigorous inspection processes tailored to the material type and industry standards, ensuring the highest quality and performance.
Packaging and Labeling

Custom solutions to prepare your products for the market, including retail packaging, branding, and compliance labeling.

What is Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

Turnkey Manufacturing is an all-inclusive service model that covers every aspect of product development and production. This includes product design, engineering, prototyping, sourcing of materials, manufacturing, assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping. Our goal is to provide you with a complete, ready-to-sell product, eliminating the need to coordinate multiple vendors and processes.

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