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About HHY

Your Trustworthy Strategic Manufacturing Partner for Components and Turnkey Products in Taiwan.

​Established in Taiwan since 1998, we have evolved into an all-in-one manufacturer that provides valuable design and engineering services supported with vertical integration and supply chain management.

Our design to deliver processes can ensure scalability, competitiveness and time to market goals. 

We provide our customers with all kinds of services in regard to your specific needs in detail.

HHY Plastic & Tech strongly value our customer's privacy, and our in-house vertical integration will keep your ideas safe. We care about your product as much as you do, and we think from your perspectives.

With 20+ years of expertise and experience, our experienced engineering team provides in-deep suggestions that we think best fit for each customer. We value our partners and we've built long-lasting relationships in Japan, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and more.


We are the most reliable oversea plastic manufacturer that you have always been looking for.

We invite you to contact and connect with us.

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