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Your Partner in Comprehensive Manufacturing Solutions.

HHY offers a full range of services to support you throughout the entire product life cycle: From Sketch to Scale​.

HHY is your trustworthy strategic contract manufacturing for turnkey products, parts, and components in Taiwan.

Design for Manufacturing | Plastic Injection Molding | Metal Manufacturing | Electronics Assembly 

​HHY is a premier OEM, ODM, and EMS contract manufacturer based in Taiwan, established in 1998. We specialize in turnkey manufacturing, providing comprehensive product design and engineering services, supported by vertical integration manufacturing and custom manufacturing solutions. Through our one stop solution, HHY ensures that our processes are scalable, competitive, and able to meet tight time-to-market goals.

Our skilled team is dedicated to supporting both startups and established companies. We offer tailored solutions to navigate the complexities of product development and market introduction. With years of experience, our expertise allows us to provide precise and efficient services, making us more than just a manufacturing service provider – we are your partner in innovation and success.

We place a high value on customer privacy and intellectual property. Our in-house vertical integration guarantees that your ideas are kept safe and treated with the utmost care. We approach each project from your perspective, ensuring that your needs and vision are always at the forefront.

With years of expertise and experience, our dedicated engineering team provides in-deep suggestions that assist our customers to bring their idea into reality.

HHY has built strong, long-lasting relationships with partners in over 135 countries and regions.

Our commitment to reliability and excellence has earned us a reputation as the most dependable overseas turnkey manufacturing provider.

We are the most reliable oversea turnkey manufacturer that you have been looking for.

We invite you to contact and connect with us.

Rapid | Resilient | Reliable

HHY is your partner in comprehensive manufacturing solutions.

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