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Meet Hsin
Hung Yih

Your Turnkey Manufacturing Partner

Providing Valuable Design and Cost Solutions

Supported with Vertical Integration and

Supply Chain Management

Ensuring Scalability, Competitiveness and

Time to Market Goals.

The Services

HHY Plastic Mold Flow Analysis


  • OEM, ODM, and joint design consulting services

  • Mold Flow Analysis and Prediction Recommedations

  • Design for Manufacture Reports and Analysis

  • Precision Quality Measurement Systems

  • Material Testing and Analysis

  • Moldex3D, Solidworks, ProE, and Mulitple Other Softwares Abilities

  • Project Specific Manager and Dedicated Team for Smooth Project Processes



  • Full In-house Mold Fabrication Machinaries and Specialists

  • Full In-house Modifications, Mantainence, Repairs 
    Machinaries and Specialists

  • Experienced Double Injection, Insert Molding, Micro Molding,  Hot Runner Systems & Complex Mold Design

  • QC Inspection Equipment and systems

  • High Mobility Team Dedicate to Meet Time to Market

  • Prototyping Availability


Multi-Level Quality Management System (QMS) and Strategies

  • ERP and MES System in Place to Garentee In-house Production Capacities and Efficency

  • Top-Market Waterproof and Airtight Knowledge

  • Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM)

  • Automatic Robotic Ejection Systems

  • Experienced Double Injection, Insert Molding, Micro Molding, In-Mold-Decoration (IMD) & In-Mold-Electronics (IME)

CNC machine.jpeg


Multi-Level Quality Management System (QMS) and Strategies

  • Experienced Extrusion Parts, Stamped Parts, Powder Metallurgy Parts, Turning & Milling Parts, Die Casting Parts, and Metal Injection Molding Parts.

  • Customize and General Fastener Parts Availability

  • Familiar with Common and Non-Common Alloy

  • Experienced SGS, RoHS, Mill Test and Other Engineering or Certificate Reports


Multi-Level Quality Management System (QMS) and Strategies

  • Optimized and One Stop All-in-One Manufacturing Services with Dedicate Supply Chain Management Specialist

  • Experienced with numerous Post-Processes

  • Sterilization service availibility

  • In-house Assembling and Secondary Processing Team

  • Customized Services of Post Processing upon Request



  • Full Service Contract Assembly

  • Mulitple High Security Assembling Lines for IP Protection

  • Clean Room for Medical Device Assembly

  • Strict Material Control for sub-assembling and full-assembling

  • Retail Consumer Packaging and Supplier Connections

  • Regulatory Testing for IP68 and other Upon Request

  • Global Logistics Specialists and Outbounding Experts


Core Competencies

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CA, United States

“Everything came out wonderful very happy with them amazing work as always! Once again thank you to you an HHY for the best experience all around and continuing this great long term relationship. Looking forward to doing more work with you! Thank you again! "
- One of Our Happy Partner -

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